Fair Start Initiative

The Fair Start Initiative has been created by TFFFOC to assist the early childcare sector in working through and overcoming the crisis it currently faces in the United States. We seek to raise the bar of care in the in­dustry by holding up the Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center (HWCEC) as the standard bearer for high quality and toxic-free childcare in the U.S. and beyond. HWCEC is the first high quality childcare center to eliminate six classes of toxic chemicals in their newly constructed facility as well as with all the products used on a daily basis.

The Fair Start Initiative is a product of a group of experts and NGOs all sharing knowledge, experience, and influence in public health, education, economics, architecture, construction, development, public policy, finance, and philanthropy. Each shares a passion and common interest in pro­viding a fair start in life for every child as well as assisting in facilitating the opportunity for every child born in America and eventually globally to grow up in a healthy, non-toxic environment.

The Fair Start Initiative is focused on supporting the creation of a network of thousands of facilities sim­ilar to the Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center across the U.S. and around the world. The initial focus will be on under resourced and disad­vantaged communities. The ultimate goal is to address the diminishing investments in the early childcare industry in the U.S. and commit to a fair start for generations of children who have yet to enter Pre-K.

We are also aiming to help embed science-based environmental health best practices into state childcare quality accreditation standards and embed basic environmental health standards into the state minimum licensing standards, as well as supporting education programs on toxic-free childcare.

TFFFOC has created a detailed PR and communications plan to promote the Fair Start Initiative to parents, policy makers, investor groups and brands around the globe.